About Me

Founder of the brand “Red Carpet”, Ms. Gauri Preetam was born in Jaipur, India. She grew dreaming up ideas for glamourous, schmick clothing from a young age. Although, she arrived at this goal by an unusual path. Hoping to make those early imaginations a reality one day, and completed her tertiary education from India.

Gauri, who began her career in costume design, has been busy designing and creating her debut collection since 2020. She is not new to the fashion game, hence presenting her exclusive brand “Red Carpet” first absolute thrilling and thrifty collection RW21 at Bazar Fashion Week.

She is an exceptional fresh face in fashion industry and has already garnered a range of career-making accomplishments as an entrepreneur. Most recently, Gauri is awarded the UAE Entrepreneur SHE award in 2021, and is now well on-route to launch her label in the realm of style & elegance with an aim of breathing new life into luxury fashion world.