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The Power Of Expert Advice

Askgenii is a platform where you Earn Money by Giving Advice as well as a platform to Generate Numerous Genuine Quality Leads by Developing Trusted Relationships with the Users through your Expertise

We Invite You Onboard

Askgenii welcomes you onboard. Ranging from Chartered Accountants to Gynecologists, Career Counsellors to Car Mechanics or Soft Skills Trainers to Educationists, if you believe you possess the technical know- how in your respective field/domain and you like sharing it with those in search of support in the required field then you have landed on the right platform. We here at Askgenii invite people who are confident about their skills and knowledge and also about their ability to provide expert consultation to those seeking it.

Why Choose Us:

  • Voila! We don’t charge you any membership fee which means you can become a member of Askgenii Expert Panel absolutely free of cost. Also you can create your portfolios without paying any money.
  • We value our Customers immensely but that doesn’t deter us from valuing our experts. We motivate you to perform great and keep the good work rolling thereby fetching innumerable positive customer feedbacks but we don’t hold back your fee in case you miss getting one.
  • We assure you that we charge the least possible commission from our experts when compared with any other such platform available around.
  • We have a fair programming system where the experts getting higher number of positive reviews automatically get highlighted on our website thereby getting an instant boost in their visibility.
  • Consequently they secure top positions in search and listings of experts in their respective categories as well.
  • What better platform than Askgenii for experts like you to get seen, get connected with prospective clients, provide them the best possible biasfree consultations and broaden your customer base eventually.
  • Here at Askgenii, we provide you the flexibility to fix your own working hours/availability, work from the comfort of your own home and make extra money in your free hours.
  • Be it Doctors, Lawyers or Educationists, Askgenii feels extremely delighted to provide this opportunity to the experienced experts of varied age groups including those who have taken retirement due to age factor or any other mobility issues to come onboard and start working again in order to start making money.

  • So think no more and register now!!

Earn Money & Get Qualified Leads For Free With Askgenii

  • We pay you for your Advice as an Expert as well as provide you with Free Quality Leads for your Business
  • We charge no money in return from you
  • Engage the User with Genuine Advice
  • Those Users tend to seek Reliability and Trust with you
  • Generate Yourself Free Leads by sharing your Expertise

USP of Askgenii

  • No membership fee from our Experts
  • Come, create your Portfolio on Askgenii free-of-charge
  • Assist the client and get paid
  • Work from the comfort of your Home
  • Utilize your skills and free time to make extra money
  • Flexible working hours
  • Boost your visibility through quality work
  • Secure positive testimonial by delivering quality services
  • Build and boost your client base
  • Pay the least commission in the industry
  • Great opportunity for experienced retired professionals, well-read home makers and bright students to get self - dependent