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User's FAQs

What is Askgenii?

Askgenii is a Question and Answer Platform where we connect Users and knowledgeable Experts in several categories, be it Medical, Legal Advisory, Education, Astrology or more. In short, we connect people with questions to people with expertise who give answers.

Is it mandatory to be an Askgenii Member to ask questions from Experts? What is the Membership Fee? Is there a limit to the number of questions I can ask? What are the categories I can get help in? How does Askgenii choose and verify its Experts? What is the criteria behind Expert Ratings? How do I know if the Expert has answered my question? How do I view my answer? How to get notified about my answer? Can I cancel my membership? How to stop getting promotional emails? How do I choose an Expert for my concern? Can I upload attachments? What are the available modes to connect with an Expert on Askgenii? What is your Charge Plan? Does Askgenii refer/recommend Experts? Why there is no response to my question yet? Is my question public on the Website? What is a premium service offer? How does it work?

Expert's FAQs

How can I become an Askgenii Expert? Do I need to pay a fee to become an Askgenii Expert? Do I get any added benefit on referral sign ups of Users or Experts? Is there a fee for creating an Expert Portfolio on Askgenii? What if a user takes the advice and doesn’t pay? Are there any measures you take to prevent such fraud? What are Askgenii Premium Categories? Does Askgenii refer/recommend Experts? What is the criteria behind Expert Ratings? Is there a set time limit to answer a particular question? Am I supposed to work for a certain number of hours necessarily? Is self-verification mandatory? What are the documents required to get onboard as an Expert on Askgenii? Is it mandatory to sign the confidentiality agreement? Is Askgenii a global platform? Are their language options on Askgenii? What are the language options on Askgenii? Can I choose a language I prefer? Can I choose to operate in more than one languages? How can I boost my visibility as an Askgenii Expert? How can I boost my client base through Askgenii? Can I recommend/sell my own services & products on Askgenii? Does Askgenii work on commission basis with Experts? Do I pay commission to Askgenii when I sell a service or product through them? Do I get paid as an Askgenii Expert? Is my answer/advice public on the Website? What is a ‘Premium Benefits’ offer? How does it work? What is Askgenii Trust Seal? What is Askgenii Premium Listing? What is ‘Answer More, Save More’ concept? Does Askgenii play any role in solving any kind of Expert-User dispute?

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