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My Fitness BrainTM Presents

Learn how to retain your clients, build a rock solid fitness business and make more money doing what you love

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What’s included in this online Masterclass:

workOver 7 hours of course material with practical step-by-step ready to implement guides

shopping3 modules + bonus content for the most in depth learning experience

exclusive35 lessons laid out in the most methodical manner to ensure your success

downloadExclusive downloadable worksheets for your convenience

heartLifetime access so you can work where you want to and when you want to

laptopAccess via Laptop, Mobile and Tv for your best learning experience

exclusiveExclusive member area access to password protected proprietary content


This Masterclass was developed for personal trainers, yoga instructors, swim coaches, gym owners and any other fitness professional who runs their own business in the fitness industry to help retain your clients for much longer periods of time, thus providing:



Financial security

Room to scale

Every year millions of people sign up to get in better shape, take care of their health or learn more about their bodies, and enlist the help of fitness professionals like you to help them achieve their fitness goals….

Only to fall out within the first 90 days of starting!

Research by The University Of North Carolina has shown that more than 90% of people who take up any form of physical exercise drop out somewhere between day 10 and day 90, year after year, like clockwork.

Which leaves you, the fitness professional with a huge problem on your hands: “the need to find new clients”

The only problem with finding new clients is that the same process is bound to repeat itself, over and over again, just like trying to fill a bucket full of water, however, the main problem is that the bucket is full of holes.

Sadly the fitness industry and its professionals have been ridden by this problem for the last 25 years and have come to believe that “it’s just the nature of this business.”

But what if there was a reason behind the 90% drop out rate?

What if there was a methodical approach to “plug the holes” and fill up your bucket, without losing your valuable clients ever again?

Would you like to hear more?

Of course you would! So listen up!

Over the last 5 years I have built 2 global fitness businesses, and I have successfully been able to retain my clients and increase their life-time values by 10x!

Providing more predictability, cash flow, sustainability and room to grow. (both in my business as well as my life.)

No matter how you choose to view this problem; without high quality paying clients, who commit for the long run, you don’t have a business to run.

Instead, you have a theme park of a business where people line up to work with you and then leave as soon as the “ride” is over.

But over the years, I have studied human behavior, brain patterns and social psychology which lead me to my biggest discovery yet…

Your Clients don’t magically drop out after 90 days…

They drop out because their newfound activity such as going to the gym or attending their “favorite” yoga class failed to become a habit!

Human beings are creatures of habit. We live most of our lives on auto pilot, not presently thinking about what we’re doing, but instead running on a stored habit we have developed by doing an action over and over again.

I mean just think about brushing your teeth this morning… Did you think about which hand you were going to use or which side of your mouth you were going to start with?

In the same manner, I have discovered that by helping my clients turn their newfound activities (such as going to the gym or attending their favorite yoga class) into habits, I was instantaneously able to retain them for as long as I possibly wanted!

And right now I’m right here to teach you how I did that!


Retain Your Clients Masterclass


The science behind this Masterclass is simple…

We break down this entire process into a 3 stage methodical approach

Foundation phase

We let “motivation” fuel your clients while we help you set up the foundation for a successful business that people want to associate with.

Building phase

We teach you the fundemantals of working hand-in-hand with your clients to ensure their survival and help them turn their newfound activity into a lifelong behavior.

Smooth sailing phase

We teach you how to bring everything together and move forward with your loyal clients, from month to month without any drop outs.

Just think about it......

Would you rather

Rope in your clients, stress about when they are going to leave or complain that they “can’t afford your services” any longer, complain about not seeing any results, default on their payments and never pay on time which leaves you in a financial crisis, unable to plan your monthly expenses ahead, unable to work without stress and wondering when the “peak season” will come so you can capatalize on new clients… Who will sadly drop out after 90 days


Have a business where people line up to work with you. A business that doesn’t rely on the seasonal changes, the new year or anything like that, but rather on your ability to deliver great results. Clients who are seriously committed to achieving their goals and who thank you daily for being a blessing in their lives. Clients who respect your business, pay you on time and leave you feeling grateful for the career you have chosen, one in which you’re able to plan ahead for your monthly expenses and one which generates enough sustainable income in order for you to enjoy all the pleasures of life.

Just think about what your life would be like if you didn’t have to worry about your clients leaving you… pretty awesome! I know

By reducing your churn rates (the amount of people who sign up for your services and then drop out after a period of time) you inevitably unlock:

Stable income levels

you’re able to plan ahead with confidence which leads to.

Financial freedom

because you have a stable business which generates a stable income year round.

Room to market your business

using paid advertising to generate as many ready to buy clients as possible.

Stress free life

since you don’t have to worry about your clients dropping out and how you’re going to replace them.

International clientele

explore international markets and grow your business further than your home country.

Real Relationships-Real results

Build lifelong relationships with your clients and deliver the results that make them speak your name to anyone they come in contact with.

Now you must be saying: “this sounds too good to be true”. Trust me, when I wrote this, I had the same thought in mind;

But like everything we do in My Fitness Brain, we believe in battle testing our ideas against the market and then analyzing the raw data to establish the success rate of our ideas.

So what better way to present this data to you other than using real life testimonials from fitness professionals just like you who have already taken that leap of faith and made the change in their businesses.

"I opened my fitness studio in February and couldn’t understand what we are doing wrong to keep losing clients... Read More

Marlinda Ferreira

Founder and Coach at Pulse Fitness

“Michael’s unapologetic style and brutal honesty combined with his vast amount teach about... Read More

Justin Damons

Professional self-employed Yoga Instructor

"Coming from an academic background, I did not want surface level information which isn’t going ... Read More

Dr Leonie Gray

Master Chiropractor and Rehabilitation Specialist

But that’s not all you’ll learn when you sign up for my Masterclass today

At My Fitness Brain we believe in revolutionizing the fitness industry by simplifying, demystifying and educating the future leaders of this industry on the art of building real, sustainable and profitable fitness businesses that can withstand the ultimate test of time.

So when you join today, you’ll also receive:


Proprietary goal planning systems

9 out of 10 people never achieve their goals, but did you ever stop and think why? Imagine what it would be like if you could set goals for yourself, and help your clients achieve their goals, with predictability, every single time. Using our proprietary “link tree approach” to goal planning you’ll obtain a 100% achievability index score when you set your goals. Goodbye to demotivated clients and hello to a world of achievers

Value $99.00

Bonus 2:

30 Day planner

We don’t just teach you how to set goals, we teach you how to plan for success. Get access to our revolutionary 30 day planner which is ready to implement straight away into your business and your clients lives.

A new world of personal bests and achievement awaits

Value $69.00

Bonus 3:

Social media accounts

Would you have thought that your social media accounts play a huge role in you retaining your clients? We teach you how to lay “breadcrumbs” on the internet for your future clients and bring them running to your business ready to sign up. We also teach you how to set your accounts up for success so people want to stay with you for a longer period of time.

Value $109.00

Bonus 4:

Proprietary tracking system

We designed a system which has been battle tested across all fields in the fitness industry and are certain in its ability to deliver results.

What better way to have order in your business and know exactly what is going on with your clients other than making use of a simple, super focused tracking system, which automatically motivates your clients whenever they look at it.

Value $199.00

Bonus 5:

Cutting edge automation

Want to to focus more on your loyal clients but have too many things to do in order for your business to run?

We teach you how to automate your business, thus freeing up your time and spending more time working with the clients that you love, doing what you enjoy and getting them jaw dropping results.

Value $49.00

Bonus 6:

Pricing mastery

After years of research and more than 500 clients, we teach you all you need to know about pricing your services to only attract high quality, loyal clients who will pay you to get them results and remain with you for the long run.

This module covers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about pricing your services in the fitness industry.

Value $69.00

And if that wasn’t sweet enough,

How about a 30 day Money Back Guarantee to sweeten up the offer...

Yes you read that right! We’re so confident in our Masterclass that if you feel like you didn’t get the value you expected after you followed my practical advice and step-by-step approach , I’ll return every single penny of yours, no questions asked!

So what are you waiting for? More clients to drop out before you decide to click the purchase button?

But seriously, that’s not all! I almost forgot about the bonus, bonus content…

I’ll be introducing you to a revolutionary way to run your business, one which is so wickedly secretive, yet so successful, you’ll walk away with a torrential downpour of clients lining up to work with you...

A way so unique, that you’ll become one of the few fitness professionals who holds a blueprint to success in the digital world of fitness.

A way so unique that you’ll be begging to never stop learning!

And your new clients will be begging for you to never stop teaching!

But !!!

The only way you’ll learn about that is by first learning how to retain the clients you currently have, otherwise it’s pointless, like trying to fill a bucket with more water, when it just keeps leaking because of all the holes.

So click on the button below right now and invest in the future of your business! Trust me, you’ll make 10x the amount of this Masterclass in the first 40 days of implementing what I am going to teach you.

But if you’re still reading this and haven’t purchased yet, maybe you have few questions in mind. Well, I thought about that as well.

So how about I answer them for you using a FAQ system?

The education taught in the fitness industry is outdated and inaccurate to the point where honest, hard working fitness professionals don’t know how to run highly profitable fitness businesses. Almost all short courses on the internet or taught by fitness institutions are taught by people who have no idea how to run a highly successful, profitable business, therefore they are destined to fail. What’s more is that most short courses and information from Google don’t give you real life experience on how to implement what you have learnt and put your knowledge to the test. At My Fitness Brain™ we believe in practical application - “learning by doing” as our students like to say. Not only do we give you the most accurate, up to date, battle tested and proven information and winning formulas, we teach you the exact step-by-step approach to implement it in your business from start to finish. That’s what makes us the best in the industry.
The methodologies contained in this Masterclass have been designed to help any business owner, in any industry, retain their most valuable clients. Truth be told, you could be anyone from a doctor to a handyman, and this Masterclass would work in your business. But we haven't tailored it to everyone, we’ve tailored it specifically to you, so we have 100% certainty that it will work. Truth be told, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll refund every single cent paid by you.
By “fitness professionals” we are referring to every single professional in the industry. From a personal trainer, to a yoga instructor, a gym owner to a biokineticist, or a swim coach to a group exercise instructor. This Masterclass is for you!
This Masterclass has been designed for fitness professionals who do have clients. If you are just starting off you need to learn everything about this industry, from the very beginning, therefore I would recommend checking out my flagship program by clicking on the link below, which will teach you how to build, market, grow and scale your fitness business. myfitnessbrain.com/business-growth-strategy
This Masterclass is an online Masterclass which is secured by our member only area. Once you have been granted access to the Masterclass you can start working immediately at your own pace. There are no start or end dates.
Since this Masterclass is done at your own pace, it completely depends on you. You are in in complete control of when you finish. However, we have over 7 hours of content to consume.
No problem at all! You can go as fast or as slow as you’d like. The main objective is to implement what you have learned.
Absolutely not! You are making a one time investment for this Masterclass. There are no monthly premiums or hidden fees at all.
For as long as you’re alive! After your purchase, you can work through this Masterclass as often as you’d like.
Unfortunately not. This Masterclass has been designed to give you the most cutting edge information that has been tested and proven to work, and by purchasing this Masterclass you make a commitment to yourself to learn and grow.
We have noticed people who recieve things for free are less likely to commit 100% We do however have a referral program available so if you refer someone to our Masterclass just let us know by emailing us at support@fitnesswithmikey.com and we will be sure to send you something that will be worth 100X the value of this Masterclass!
This online Masterclass works on all devices such as TV’s, mobile phones, Computers and tablets. Any device that can access the internet browser will be good to go for this Masterclass.
After your purchase has been made, you’ll be taken to my member only area, where you’ll be asked to create a username and password. You’ll also receive an email confirming your credentials. Once your account is created you’ll be able to access the Masterclass immediately. An internet connection is required to access the Masterclass and the video content cannot be downloaded due to copyright and data protection reasons.
Absolutely! We are so confident in this Masterclass that we are willing to offer a 100% full refund, no questions asked if you are not satisfied with your purchase. The only reason I am able to do this is because I have no doubt about this Masterclass. In the rare event that you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, please email support@fitnesswithmikey.com and I will refund your money.
Due to the methodical structure of this Masterclass, you're given the step-by-step know-how in order to implement every single piece of information you learn at that precise moment in time.
That's what makes us unique. We don't just teach. We back it up with serious action.
So you'll notice results as soon as you follow the step-by-step process and implement it into your own business.

What’s included in this online Masterclass:

Over 7 hours of course material with practical step-by-step ready to implement guides

3 modules + bonus content for the most in depth learning experience

35 lessons laid out in the most methodical manner to ensure your success

Exclusive downloadable worksheets for your convenience

Lifetime access so you can work where you want to and when you want to

Access via Laptop, Mobile and Tv for your best learning experience

Exclusive member area access to password protected proprietary content

Exclusive new year offer



P.s>> With this offer I am offering you a 0% risk free guarantee: no minimum terms, no binding contracts, no small print, no catch!

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with Retain Your Clients Masterclass, an email is sufficient and I will refund the amount personally within 24 hours.

Why do I offer such an offer without a hook?

Quite simply because I am convinced of the Retain Your Clients Masterclass and know that you will be successful with it! - because otherwise I obviously couldn't make you this offer!!

The most ruthlessly effective coaching program for rapidly scaling fitness business growth on the face of this planet.