Sober October Fitness Challenge


Sober October is a month-long fitness challenge incorporating cardio, strength, and different lifestyle habits. The goal is to accumulate as many points as possible by the end of the month. Push yourself with a group of like-minded individuals. 


50% of profits go toward Project Fit America.



Getting Started?

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step 3

Stay Sober & Get Active

What is Sober October?

Tracking Your Fitness?


Run/ Walk: 1 Mile = 3 Points

Total miles covered by foot.

Bike: 1 Mile = 1 Point

Total miles covered on a bike. Outdoors or a stationary.

Swim: 1 Mile = 12 Points

Total yards covered swimming in open water or pool.

Pushups: 30 Pushups = 1 Point

Full range of motion push-ups. Knee push-ups do not count.

Pullups: 20 Pullups = 1 Point

Strict Pull Ups. No Kipping, No Bands for assistance.

Air Squat: 50 Squats = 1 Point

Full Range of motion air squats.

Meditation: 10 Minutes = 2 Points. 4 Points Max Daily

4 Points Max Daily

Caffeine: No Caffeine = 3 Points Daily Max.

3 Points or 0 Points Daily.

  • Register above
  • Fill out your profile
  • Start inputting your fitness stats Oct. 1- 31st.

Not much. A fitness device to track daily activities. Stay sober and get active.

  • September 30th - Registration ends
  • October 1st - Sober October begins
  • October 31st - Sober October ends
  • November 8 - Final day to input fitness stats

Most points at the end of the month wins. See point system above to see which points are associated with each activity.

Bragging rights. This month is for you. A fresh start, a feeling of sobriety, clarity, and much more. Time to push your limits during this month-long challenge.

We run on the honor system. There’s no prize for winning. We have a culture of high integrity and hold everyone to a high standard. If we feel an individual has inaccurately reported data we will review internally to adjust scores accurately.

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